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Our firm is experienced and independent – priding ourselves on professionalism, integrity and an unbiased approach to solving our client’s financial objectives. We are loyal to and supportive of our clients and we strive to make sure they are financially prepared for the unexpected. We believe that if the items listed below are well thought out and addressed, it doesn’t matter what you do with the rest of your wealth. Enjoy it and live a full life. What we do not want our clients to do is to spend the rest of their lives thinking WHAT IF.
Living Too Long

Planning for retirement could mean planning for up to 40 years of income. Inflation and how you invest becomes a very complex process, as well as how you withdraw money. Our strategies, both for investing and spending, can help you through this complex process. LEARN MORE >>>

Dying Too Soon

The responsibility for debt, education, business obligations and providing income for the ones you love is also part of our planning process. Tailoring the proper amount and type of protection in your plan is all part of helping you and your family not worry about money. LEARN MORE >>>

Becoming Sick

Medical bills can sink a family’s financial boat. Understanding the options of medical plans fall under the experts we have in our Health and Employee Department. We have three seasoned advisors who can help you with individual or employer sponsored plans. We also have experts who can help our seniors with the complexity of Medicare. LEARN MORE >>>

Becoming Disabled

Many people do not look at the most valuable property they own as their potential income. Proper coverage is critical. We offer individual, group and business overhead coverage. Co-ordination of group and personally owned coverage is also part of our planning process. LEARN MORE >>>

Long-Term Care

If you live long enough someone is likely to take care of you. Who will that be and how will that work? The discussion is a difficult one, but one that should not be overlooked or procrastinated. We offer not only ideas, but solutions that can take the responsibility off the people you love. LEARN MORE >>>
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